Reflecting on 2022

Esperanza Community Services began as a therapeutic day school in 1969 by Guadalupe Reyes. She was driven to help her son Bobby, and other children with intellectual disabilities, to learn in a manner that met the unique needs of each student. This past has been one of progress here at Esperanza while allowing us to …

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Invest in Andy’s Future

Engaging with art is essential to the human experience. Art promotes freedom of creative expression, which helps students relax and think differently. Art also enhances fine motor, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Due to budget cuts, Esperanza’s school students no longer have a formal art class. But you can help us change that. As …

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Honoring Aixa Alfonso

Esperanza Community Services is excited to announce the 2022 honoree of the Bobby Reyes Award: Aixa Alfonso Dr. Alfonso served on the board of Esperanza for over twenty years, championing the Esperanza art program. The student pieces hanging in her home testify to the love Dr. Alfonso has for the Esperanza family. Dr. Alfonso, a …

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Celebrating Jose’s achievements this Autism Awareness Month

Jose is just like any other young boy: active, curious, and playful. Jose loves riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, and playing with his brother Avery. Jose was diagnosed with autism at age 2 ½, experiencing significant challenges that Jose’s previous school could not address. Additionally, due to the challenges with José’s diagnosis, Alisa, …

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Associate Board Members Wanted

Esperanza is looking for passionate professionals in their 20’s and 30’s to join our Associate Board! The Associate Board is a leadership group made up of young professionals who, through their own time, talent and resources, help expand the capacity and advance the mission of Esperanza. Members will plan initiatives and events, and help connect …

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Volunteer Board Members Wanted

Esperanza Community Services is seeking well-connected leaders who are passionate about helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Chicago.

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