Every Monday and Wednesday, Tabitha goes to the Esperanza Art Studio. As a long-time participant and residential client at Esperanza, Tabitha has been making art in the studio for over 15 years.

“Tabitha is an extremely thoughtful artist,” said Kelly, coordinator of creative arts. “She likes to have fun with materials and do a lot of playful artwork.”

Kelly has only known Tabitha for a few months but has seen how intentional Tabitha is with her art. Kelly shared that art allows Tabitha to tell stories. 

“She wrote a card for her sister recently. And she’ll tell me a description about her sister and then stories about her,” Kelly said. “And I think you can see how sentimental and important these cards are and how thoughtful she’s been while she’s creating.” 

Kelly also said Tabitha has a “sweet sense of pride in her work.” When she finishes a piece, she waits to show Kelly and displays her art with a smile.

Recently, Tabitha sold one of her cards at a holiday art show. She was so surprised. 

“They liked my card?” Tabitha said. The chance to share her art with others brings Tabitha joy. 

Support Tabitha and all of the Esperanza artists today by donating supplies to the Esperanza Art Program. The program cannot thrive without the generosity of donors like you. Your donation can expand opportunities for artists like Tabitha to tell stories through artwork for years to come.

As a new member of the Esperanza community, Kelly has a lot of goals for the art program. Her biggest goal includes exhibiting the client’s work in a gallery or museum.

“A lot of the work they make compares in many ways to professional artists. From the get-go, they don’t need prompting. They can just sit down and create,” Kelly said.
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