Engaging with art is essential to the human experience. Art promotes freedom of creative expression, which helps students relax and think differently. Art also enhances fine motor, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

Due to budget cuts, Esperanza’s school students no longer have a formal art class. But you can help us change that. As we head back to a new school year, we need your help to bring back the creative arts to Esperanza students.

Your investment now in art classes at Esperanza will change the lives of countless students, including Andy. Andy is an incredible artist, but any art that Andy does in school is in the classroom during his free time. But purposeful art expression is an essential tool for students with intellectual disabilities.

“Art is a perfect sensory activity for Andy and many other students,” said Briannah, Andy’s teacher. “Andy can become upset by loud noises, but by doing art projects, we find that it helps him remain engaged in the content and regulated as well.”

Your donation today will give our students scheduled art time to provide another sensory opportunity to keep them engaged in the classroom. Students like Andy will be able to channel their emotions into art consistently.

Art is also an essential communication tool for minimally verbal students like Andy. From the artwork Andy draws at home, Briannah can communicate and learn more about Andy.

“He can show me things in his drawing without talking,” said Briannah. “We can ask him questions and discuss why he likes the things he drew by seeing them on paper.”

Providing Andy and all our students with guided art time opens up a world of connection to the staff at Esperanza. Every dollar you give today creates a transformative experience for students like Andy.

We cannot make this happen without you– fund art classes for Esperanza students by donating today.

There is no better investment than the future of a child. Thank you for giving our students access to the school experience they deserve.