Jose is just like any other young boy: active, curious, and playful. Jose loves riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, and playing with his brother Avery.

Jose was diagnosed with autism at age 2 ½, experiencing significant challenges that Jose’s previous school could not address.

Additionally, due to the challenges with José’s diagnosis, Alisa, Jose’s mother, found it hard to work. Alisa knew that she needed to find a partner who could better help her help Jose fulfill his potential. Life for both Jose and Alisa changed in June 2021 when they found Esperanza. 

“I’m so thankful we found Esperanza,” Alisa says. “It’s incredible to see him improve so much in such a short amount of time. Knowing that he is happy at school allows me to return to work.” 

Since joining the Esperanza family in June 2021, Jose has taken great strides in completing tasks independently and socializing with his peers. Due to one-on-one attention from his special education team, consistent classroom structure, and family collaboration, Jose is bringing his new skills back home, as well. 

Today Jose looks forward to school each day, excitedly sitting by the window with his backpack ready to learn at Esperanza, Alisa says, “He loves going to school.”

“We love watching Jose’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning grow each day”, says Kristin Harker, who is part of the special education team that works tirelessly for Jose and his classmates at Esperanza.

“Esperanza offers exceptional programs for students with intellectual disabilities like my son Jose. The team truly cares about their students and wants them to succeed. When you enter the school, there is a feeling of family. The teachers and staff are wonderful and extremely passionate and I’m so thankful to have found Esperanza.”

Alisa, Jose’s mother

April is Autism Awareness Month – Please join our Esperanza community and provide hope for new opportunities and achievement for Jose and all of our students by donating now.