Dear Friends & Families of Esperanza Community Services,

It was another eventful and challenging year at Esperanza Community Services. The lasting effects of the pandemic continue to limit community access, threaten funding, and create barriers for the people we serve.

But despite those obstacles, you helped us, and we were able to continue providing our outstanding educational services to over 200 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in 2021.

The one constant has been the unwavering support of so many donors throughout the past two years. Not only have donors just like you remained committed, but you also all have stepped up this past year, knowing people with developmental disabilities are more vulnerable than ever.

And none of that would have been possible without you, our most loyal supporters. Thank you for your ongoing and unwavering support and your passion for making a better world for those in need.

With deep gratitude,

Jayne M. Drew

P.S. – Please consider a monthly donation in 2022.