Charles Granger, Esperanza School’s dedicated paraprofessional takes students and Esperanza’s adult participants on virtual field trips around Chicago in his upbeat and educational episodes of “Chicago Charlie.”

From Chicago’s Bean, to Soldier Field, to Millenium Park, Charles treks around the city, filming on his phone, to showcase its beauty and history for our families, as they remain inside during the holiday season. 

“I wanted to spread some holiday cheer to our students and adult participants by bringing the city directly to them,” explains Charles. “It allows them to experience Chicago in the comfort of their own home, so they remain safe during the pandemic.”

Students, participants, and staff enjoy these uplifting, educational videos and look forward to the new episodes! To experience the Windy City from a local Chicagoan’s perspective, watch “Chicago Charlie” now!

Black History Month

This video may contain graphic or sensitive information.