This year, we are weaving the theme of Esperanza Strong throughout our programs and everything we do.

To increase awareness about our theme, mission, and programs while also fundraising, we are introducing Esperanza merchandise for sale on our website! Your purchase will be a donation to our programming and will continue to help us provide academic and therapeutic services to our children and adults with disabilities.

The theme of strength and community is at the crux of our agency’s mission. Strength and togetherness help us to provide hope to those we serve. And we will continue to remain strong and persevere through challenges as we adapt to the ever-changing climate and environment. 

The various merchandise designs were created by our artists, students, and staff. Each design shows what Esperanza Strong means to them. Once we had several unique designs, staff then voted on the top 3 designs to print on clothing and accessories.

And though these are simply tangible items, it represents our remarkable community of families and staff, as well as our kind and generous supporters, and their dedication and determination to work together to achieve success.

These items will be available to purchase year-round and make the perfect gift for loved ones! To purchase an item, please visit our store website: