As part of the Giving season, we are asking you to invest in our mission; help us raise $50,000 this year, and help us make a difference in the lives of children and adults who need it most. 

This past year has been challenging for everyone, especially for the children, adults, and families we serve. Due to the global pandemic and the racial injustices happening across the country, our families struggled to find childcare and essential items due to school and store closures. This past year, Esperanza served as an anchor of stability for our community and families, providing essential services and critical supplies in the darkest of times.  

More so, in the last 51 years, Esperanza has served thousands of children and adults, fostering confidence, and independence to lead a fuller life. Esperanza has served as a welcoming place where their children and adults with disabilities can grow and receive individualized services that provide a solid foundation and lifeline.

Esperanza has been able to provide these services and basic necessities over the last 51 years, and especially over the last eight months, because of the financial support from individuals like you. 

With a tax-deductible gift, you can ensure that Esperanza will continue to provide high-quality, transformational services for years to come. Here’s how your donation makes a direct impact:

  • Give $10/month now to support the general operating costs of Esperanza. With your recurring donation, we can continue providing high-quality services and make a difference in the lives of those we serve! 
  • Donate $50 now to provide simple resources that make a big impact! A small act of kindness makes a big difference at Esperanza. With $50, we can make kits for our students and adult participants, which will include hand sanitizers, masks, and other PPE, and individual school and art supplies to decrease sharing and prevent the spread of germs. 
  • Donate $75 now and give an artist supplies for a full year, so they can continue to create their masterpieces! Esperanza’s art program encourages independence and self-expression. By investing in our Art Program with $75, your funds will help to buy drawing and painting materials, as well as help our artists frame their artwork to sell– a portion of which provides income for our artists!
  • Donate $150 now to upgrade our technology for all programs at Esperanza, so staff can build relationships and create meaningful online lessons for students and adult clients while working remotely during the global pandemic. By giving $150, you will be providing our teams with iPads/tablets/Chromebooks or agency-issued laptops, which are imperative for virtual learning, as well as one-to-one assistive communication devices for students. 
  • Invest $250 now and give the gift of a safe and warm house to Esperanza’s adult residents. By donating toward our residential homes, you will provide immediate and much-needed updates to foundational infrastructures, such as a new roof, garage, and ongoing repairs and maintenance. 

In Spanish, Esperanza means hope and promise, and we provide that with the support of our donors. Your donation of ANY AMOUNT makes a significant difference for the students and adults who rely on us. You can securely donate at and click “Donate Now” to set up a one-time or recurring gift.

Your support is vital to Esperanza!

We rely on individual donors to meet our annual fundraising goals and sustain our programs. On behalf of our organization and the families and communities who rely on us, we appreciate your kindness, generosity, and sharing in our mission.

Many employers match donations made by their employees. Please check with your company to see if they will match your donation to Esperanza – this is a chance to DOUBLE the impact of your contribution.

Please email with any questions. Thank you!