The start of the year is up and running and it’s been a busy beginning for Coleridge Adult Day Program and Esperanza School. And though there are many changes and preventative measures in place, we are thrilled to see our participants and students — in person and virtually!

In our Coleridge Adult Day Program, participants are working together in teams. Each residential home is a cohort, with each cohort traveling, learning, and eating together while on-site. The three teams have designated work areas and bathrooms to use in the building to prevent cross-contamination.

“I’ve been incredibly proud of how our adult participants and staff have transitioned to working on-site,” says Jen Brewer, Director of Programs. “It was truly a collaborative effort in getting our Adult Day Program back in the building to start creating some structure and normalcy during a challenging time.”

At Esperanza School, students are participating in virtual lessons, where they can see the Esperanza team cheer them on from their homes, and socialize with their peers remotely. Further, teachers and staff members are creating supplementary resources, like pre-recorded videos and targeted, skill-building materials, so students can practice academic content at home.

“While there is an adjustment period to this new norm, our staff, our families, and our students have been patient, flexible, and resilient,” says Anne Hellmer, Esperanza School’s Principal.

And Joy Decker, Executive Director, further adds, “We are definitely stronger together as a community. Together, we will continue to persevere through challenges so our participants and students receive the necessary support to achieve success while staying safe.”

The theme of strength and community is at the crux of our agency’s mission. Strength and togetherness help us to provide hope to those we serve. And we will continue to see this theme throughout the year as we adapt to the ever-changing climate and environment. 

As we move through the fall season, our team continues to evaluate the health and safety of our day program participants and students. This includes assessing the needs in our building and residential homes, where the support and strength of the community assist us in running our programs.

Therefore, if you are able and willing to donate, our programs can use the additional assistance to continue to safely provide services.

“We are Esperanza Strong!” says Joy. “We have always and will continue to work together with our community, with our teams, and with our families, to ensure everyone is not only safe, but are also receiving the educational and social and emotional support they need.”