The census impacts our day-to-day lives in tremendous ways. It determines how much federal funding we have to fix our roads, feed our community, and teach our children. Missing just one child means we miss out on funds for their education for the next 10 years. The census also determines how many representatives Illinois has in Congress and the Electoral College.

So much is at stake, which is why we need you to take the 2020 Census before the September 30, 2020 deadline.

There are 3 ways to take the census:

  1. Online: Visit and fill out the Census now on your computer, tablet, or phone
  2. Phone: Call 844-330-2020 to fill out the Census over the phone. 
  3. Mail: Fill out the Census form you received in the mail and return it, free of charge, to the US Census Bureau

Taking the Census is safe and secure. Learn more about Census confidentiality at

It takes less than 5 minutes, so if you haven’t completed the 2020 Census today, do so now!