Artistic expression is at the heart of Esperanza Community Services. Through art, adults and children with special needs learn to communicate and build self-confidence. 

Because art is an important part of the nonprofit’s mission, Esperanza proudly hosts an annual art show. This past December, Esperanza’s adult artists displayed their masterpieces at Fulton Street Collective, where a portion of the proceeds go directly back to artist whose work sold and the rest, helps to purchase materials for the agency’s art programs and initiatives. 

Paintings, drawings, ornaments, and other gifts were sold during the intimate and free event. Artists had the opportunity to mingle with customers to speak about and provide insight into their unique work.

“I always enjoy the moment when everything is on the wall, hung straight and correctly labeled,” says Stephanie McNeal, Esperanza’s Coleridge Adult Day Program’s Art Facilitator. “That is when I get to see all of the work come together and feel in awe of the talent of the artists.”

During the show, artists also participated in a short performance through Still Point Theatre Collective’s Imagination Workshop. The performance was another way to showcase their creative and artistic talents through singing and dancing. 

“The theme of our artshow is ‘We Work Together’”,” says Joy Decker, Esperanza’s Executive Director, “The show is truly a team effort and we are so grateful to those who participated and attended the show.Because of our attendees and the partnerships we’ve created throughout the community, our artists had the opportunity to practice some of the great skills they learned through art. When we all work together, everyone benefits and we all succeed!”