Everyone loves to hear that they do good work and that what they do makes a difference. I’m happy to say that’s exactly what Esperanza heard last week. We received this great news from two reviewers from CARF, an independent accrediting organization that ensures Esperanza’s programs are doing a great job and delivering high-quality outcomes for our students and participants.

Our reviewers, Sue and Alan, were very impressed by many aspects of Esperanza. They confirmed some things that we already knew – like, for example, the fact that Esperanza is on strong financial footing, and that we’re ready and able to expand our services to better meet the needs of our participants and growing need within the community. And at the end of the three-day review period, they shared some fantastic observations about our programs and services, and we’d like to share them with you!

Sue and Alan noted that Esperanza Community Services has strengths in many areas. About our programs, they noted that Esperanza “promotes self-advocacy in all levels of the programs, and that a high level of dignity and respect is given to each and every participant. It is evident that the rights of persons served are respected and protected by the staff members, and all levels of the organization encourage independence for families and for persons served.”

Such kind words!

The reviewers also observed that our participants are enthusiastic about our services, and they made numerous comments like “I am happy”, “I want to be here”, and “they really help me.”

They also noted that our family members value Esperanza and feel that we provide quality services. Some parents also made comments like, “My son is a whole person because of the caring staff.”

And speaking of staff, Sue and Alan also had terrific things to say about caring and committed people who work to make Esperanza great. They noted that Esperanza’s staff is composed of caring professionals who are dedicated to the organization’s mission, and that we are dedicated to our participants and enthusiastic about the services that we provide. They also noted that our program staff is cross-trained, making them able to not only perform their direct job duties but also ensure continuity of care for participants across programs.

They also noted that David Stupay, our Executive Director is an “experienced, energetic and enthusiastic individual” who is dedicated to supporting our participants and students, and that he has successfully developed many solid relationships that benefit the organization and people with developmental disabilities.

We at Esperanza were encouraged and excited by this glowing review, and we wanted to share it with all of our supporters!

Jeff Fenwick