I came to Esperanza a month and a half ago not knowing exactly what to expect. As the newest member of Esperanza’s development team, I, of course, knew my job description. I’d met the people with whom I’d be working. I’d done more than a little reconnaissance on the internet. But I didn’t know Esperanza—not yet.

Now, I am getting to know this organization more every day. I have become acquainted with the students and participants, and they are the reason that I enjoy getting out of bed in the morning to come to work. Every day I am greeted with their spirited ‘hellos’ and ‘how are yous’, as well as an enthusiasm that is impossible not to share. And instead of drab cubicle walls, I am surrounded by their awesome works of art.

Once in a while, participants will stop by the development office to share treats that they made in the bakery, and they almost always tell me how much they enjoy it here. There is an atmosphere here that I’ve never experienced in the workplace before. Working at Esperanza is rewarding. I am excited to a part of Esperanza Community Services, and I hope that I can make a difference in these participants’ lives as they do in mine

–  Catie Boehmer, Development Assistant