Esperanza’s CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) homes are doing much more than providing a safe, warm bed for residents.

Last year, 100% of residents made progress towards goals that help them live as independently as possible.
• 96% of residents successfully met one of their core goals for the year, and 83% or residents met two or more goals.
• 93% of residents are meeting Activities of Daily Living goals
• They are also building skills that enable them to self-advocate, including managing their own money and being actively involved in the management of their medication, and more.

In addition, Esperanza opened its fourth residential home in March of 2016. This home, which we call Georgia, is a permanent home for women who have experienced homelessness or otherwise had nowhere else to turn.

Esperanza’s CILAs are making a huge difference for families. Juan is an adult who lives with profound developmental disabilities. “When Juan was born, I was so scared,” his mother Mirta told us. “I didn’t know how I was going to take care of him.”

At Esperanza, Juan developed motor skills and learned to walk, something Mirta was told would never happen. And now, as a resident of Esperanza’s supported living homes, “he is still growing,” she says. “I know that my child is safe and loved, and if one day I’m not here, I have nothing to worry about. I’m so thankful that Esperanza is in our lives,” Mirta continues. “It’s a place where Juan is understood and accepted. Esperanza made a difference when others said it couldn’t be done. Esperanza has given me back my life.”

Watch a video that highlight’s Juan and Mirta’s story here.

Featured image showcases CILA resident Juan, who continues to develop skills every day.