Get Involved

Esperanza loves to meet community members who are interested in giving back and who are passionate and share in the same mission. Join us as we continue to provide inspirational and meaningful programming to empower our clients and students and transform their lives.

Ways to Make a Difference

Create School Resources

Whether in-person or working on your own time, help our team make task boxes, file folders, and other learning materials for our students. Volunteers can also help make copies for teachers and shadow paraprofessionals and/or teachers in the classroom to provide an extra hand.


Volunteer your time with our adult participants during an art lesson, day program, or in the residential homes. Volunteers have enjoyed reading books or supporting teachers by providing extra hands in the classroom.


Display your own passions and interests to our students and/or adult participants by leading a special, extra-curricular lesson! Our students and adult participants love music, movement, cooking, and much more.


Esperanza hosts a few fundraising events each year, where we need specific help with mailings, setting up and cleaning up the events. During the holidays, we always like to organize special holiday events for our students and adult participants with our partners.

Join our Board

Esperanza Community Service has a robust, engaging, and active board, and we are always looking for more board members.

Quotes from our Volunteers

“My experience working with ESC has been so much fun and I loved working with the CILA group during live sessions. Everyone had such fun personalities and I wanted to say thank you for accepting me and the resources I brought into their classes.”

“The experience was pretty fruitful. I learned a lot about myself and my community. I also had fun throughout this experience”

“Working with Esperanza has motivated me to try harder to be inclusive and to help under represented groups”

“Volunteering with Esperanza has been a wonderful experience, and I am glad I got to meet a group filled with such dedicated and amazing people.”

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