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  • Esperanza Community Services

  • Special Education Teacher/Autism and Developmental Disabilities

    Essential Function: A professional position with responsibilities in the area of planning and implementing a therapeutic-educational program designed to benefit students with autism and developmental disabilities in their academic, physical, social, emotional and intellectual development, to the highest degree possible; supervised by school principal.


    • Develop thoughtful, age-appropriate IEP goals based on the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills – Revised (ABLLS) that meet the quality guidelines of the school and the district(s) we serve.
    • Plan and implement a therapeutic-educational program within the guidelines of the school curriculum for students with autism and developmental disabilities assigned to his/her care and establish a warm, and nurturing relationship with students.
    • Maintain timely and accurate reports and documentation of progress for each student, as required by the school, state, and referral districts.
    • Study and apply the educational approaches (Applied Behavior Analysis and Structured Teaching) used by Esperanza School; utilize therapeutic educational methods and materials and plan for their appropriate use.
    • Determine supplies and equipment needs for the class and advise appropriate administrator in advance of purchases.
    • Meet with the school nurse to monitor students’ health and/or medical requirements.
    • Attend and participate in faculty meetings, Open House and, minimally, one parent meeting per year.
    • Comply with teachers’ certification requirements and gain additional educational expertise through attendance at classes, conferences and training sessions held both at school and off-site.
    • Keep well-informed about changing trends in autism and developmental disabilities field and recommend policies and procedures to increase effectiveness of program
      Accompany students on field trips and community outings.
    • Hold regular parent-teacher conferences and additional ones as needed, in order to inform parents of educational program and student progress.
    • Provide training and duties for teacher assistant(s) and supervise and evaluate assistant’s performance on a regular basis.
    • Supervise the preparation of bulletin boards, displays and exhibits to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the classroom and school areas.
    • Adhere to students’ Behavior Intervention Plans developed by the Behavior Therapist/Behavior Analyst and attend regular meetings to be trained on these plans.
    • Assist in collecting behavior data as directed by the Behavior Therapist/Behavior Analyst and ensure data collection continues in the absence of the Behavior Therapist.

    Bachelor or Master’s degree in Special Education; Illinois State Certification in LBS I or LBS II, limited or unlimited (Previous Type 10); Endorsement in EBD, TMH, MH; bilingual in Spanish and English.