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  • Esperanza Community Services

  • Therapeutic

    At Esperanza School, we help students with developmental disabilities and behavioral/emotional needs reach his or her full potential by supporting the whole individual. In addition to academic and developmental learning, Esperanza School provides a variety of vital wrap-around services. These include:

    Comprehensive Behavior Support. Esperanza staff works to address problematic behaviors that are interfering with a student’s ability to succeed –in the classroom or the community. We are proud to be the only school in Chicago to support students with a dedicated ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)-certified therapist in each classroom. When behaviors are an issue, our team works to determine the root cause, as well as possible solutions. Once a behavior plan has been created, staff monitors improvement and continues to work closely with parents to ensure ongoing success.

    Communication & Speech Therapy. Staff evaluate and treat speech problems using techniques best suited to each student’s needs, including speech therapy, sign language, symbol and picture-based communication systems (PECS), supplemental communication devices,  and more.  Speech therapy can be provided individually or in group settings.

    Social/Emotional Therapy. Social workers help students develop appropriate and meaningful relationships with others, and to help address emotional difficulties that arise. Therapy can be provided individually and in group settings.

    Occupational Therapy. Students are supported to develop gross and fine motor skills, including using utensils, pens/pencils and computer keyboards, increasing body/spatial awareness, and other skills needed for daily living.




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