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  • Esperanza Community Services

  • The Arts

    Hector is thrilled to have his work displayed at Northern Trust

    The arts are woven into all of the programs at Esperanza Community Services. Activities like painting, drawing, music, theater and dance allow students and participants an opportunity to apply skills and engage their senses. In addition, these activities provide an opportunity for exploration, self-expression and decision-making.

    Throughout the year, our artists have the opportunity to participate in a number of events, including gallery and museum exhibits (with individual artists receiving a portion of their sales) and performances. Creativity becomes a common ground where our artists and members of the community can unite, and the works of art advocate on behalf of their creators.

    Ultimately, the works created at Esperanza gives viewers an understanding not only of the artists, but also a deeper understanding of our similarity and shared humanity with the artists. The finished works inspire the viewer and advocate on behalf of their creators.