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  • Esperanza Community Services

  • Vocational Skill Development

    Esperanza Cafe

    Edwin is developing vocational skills as an Esperanza barista

    The Coleridge WorkReady program is helping participants hone vocational skills in meaningful ways. There are four categories of vocational skills that participants explore, with placement being determined by participant interest, talents and abilities, as well as parent/guardian input. Those categories are:

    Cooking and Culinary Arts, in which participants are building food and beverage service skills in Esperanza Café, an on-campus coffee shop experience.

    Fine Arts and Creative Studies, in which participants help to curateart shows and exhibits of Esperanzaartists around the city and Esperanza events. Curators helped select the work displayed at Northern Trust in October, 2012 as well as Esperanza’s Fall Arts Fest on November 15.

    Industrial Skills and Maintenance, in which participants are building janitorial skills, helping maintain a supply of necessary items in their workshops, and leading Esperanza’s recycling efforts.

    • Service and Hospitality, in which participants are learning skills associated with working as security/crossing guards and tour guides.