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  • Esperanza Community Services

  • Fitness Focus

    About Esperanza Community Services
    Thank you for your interest in Esperanza! We are a nonprofit organization that helps children and adults with developmental disabilities become as independent as possible. We offer a variety of programs, including a school, an adult day program, 24-hour residential housing and more.

    Just like you, Esperanza participants have a wide variety of interests and abilities, and enjoy meeting new people. Volunteers make a big difference in the lives of our students and participants. And as an Esperanza volunteer, so can you! By helping our participants create art, stay fit, explore the community or just have fun, you will enrich lives—and have your own life enriched!

    Volunteering with Esperanza Community Services is a rewarding experience. Because of the unique needs of the population we serve, we ask that those interested in volunteering with Esperanza be outgoing and friendly, compassionate, flexible and patient.

    General volunteer responsibilities include:

    • Guiding participants to stay focused on the task at hand
    • Engaging them in conversation to help them practice communication and social skills
    • Treating participants with respect and kindness at all times

    About this Volunteer Opportunity

    Fitness Focus
    Help our students and participants stay fit, healthy, and confident year-round! Encourage fitness by participating in group exercise sessions, and in the warmer months, get out in the fresh air with activities like softball and Special Olympics practice. You’ll help our participants develop team work and social skills while enjoying a light workout yourself!

    All volunteer positions at Esperanza Community Services are supervised by a staff member. Volunteers will work directly with students or adult participants in a classroom setting. Minimum time commitment: 1 hour.

    To get started, please fill out the Volunteer Application, or contact Jeff Fenwick  for more information. Please note: background checks may be required for certain projects. All potential volunteers are screened through a national sex offender registry.